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Bold first impression. This graphic entryway takes two complementary patterns to make a big statement. Curtains are hung high, making the window appear larger. 
Graphic Entryway by It’s Great To Be Home on Flickr.

It’s National Strawberry Shortcake Day! 
Take your favorite doughnut holes and layer with whipped cream and strawberries. Perfect for an on-the-go treat or picnic dessert.

(via Turn A Mason Jar Into An Easy DIY Dispenser | One Good Thing by Jillee)

can’t get enough of bananas, beets, + greens lately

Eat the Street || wow wow waffle 
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“ I don’t even think I believe in trends, to be honest! I like being a trendsetter and finding new trends. When it comes to, “What’s the best color this season?” wear whatever color you want! Just because the leaves are changing doesn’t mean you have to!

10 of the Hottest Ways to Rock Boyfriend Jeans Like a Celebrity This Season